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Production and Scale

Let's Build The Next Unicorn

We help visionaries materialize their ideas into products and services.


Prototyping / Product Roadmapping

Roadmapping is the process of starting at a roundtable discussion and materializing your ideas to communicate effectively between you, designers, and developers.


MVP Development

Using a tech stack that fits your goals, we take a lean approach to building your app as efficiently as possible.



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Scale and Production

Time for the big leagues. We'll build your app to stack up against the Goliaths of the tech industry. Pulling out all stops.


What have we built in the past

Queue Wait Time Estimation System

The patented Queue Wait Time Estimation System (Patent No. 10,282,763 and 10,417,670) was built to solve a problem we face every day, wait times, with a tool we carry everywhere, our smartphones.


See what people are saying
Tensor is the little secret that everyone in social media manager should know about. There are 2 main reasons to use it. If you want an influencer’s true engagement, you need Tensor. And, if you want to identify key audiences for your niche with surgical precision you need Tensor. Best platform we’ve used in a long time.

Omar Sayyed

CEO of


Our team lives, breath and dream in integrated mode

Musa Sulejmani


Robert Weiner


Alex Tresk


Utkarsh Agrawal

Data Science

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Product Roadmapping

Charged Hourly or Monthly

Dedicated Designer

Award Winning Design

Software Development

Charged Hourly or Monthly

Dedicated Developer

Patented Software Team

Full Service

Charged Monthly

Designers + Developers

Award Winning Team

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